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Corporate Plans

EHS provides Executive Physicals and primary health care services to many of our area’s leading executives and businesses.  The annual fee, discounted based on the number of individuals joining, entitles your top employees or partners to a superior Executive Physical Exam and 24/7/365 direct physician access, appointments based on their schedule, access to acute care or chronic disease management, healthcare concierge services and more.  Many small to mid-sized companies in the region are using our services as a valuable part of recruitment and retainment packages.

Through our personalized care and healthcare-concierge services, we make healthcare convenient and hassle free for our clients. EHS provides care and coordinated services to your top employees, from sudden health issues, at home or abroad, prescription refills and travel advise, to chronic disease management and preventive services- exceptional services which are simply unattainable in a conventional medical practice or other Executive Health program.

Our Corporate Care Plan offer companies a significant step towards improving corporate health, resulting in a happier, healthier employee and lowered healthcare costs . By providing these services to your senior management teams or top executives, you benefit from reduced time out of the office, reduced presenteeism and improved healthcare services for your most productive employees.

In addition, the Corporate fee entitles business clients to:
For further details, please go to the below pages for detailed explanations of these services:

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