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About our Plans

Fees paid provide Executive Healthcare Services clients access to all of our exceptional services as well as our Prevention and Wellness Program. This program delivers individualized medical information, updates related to ongoing health issues, and a proactive approach to aggressive risk factor modification.

Unless otherwise specified in the client contract, all face-to-face physician visits are billed separately to the client's credit card on file. The fees for these office visits are at a significant discount to the current standard rates, and most health insurers will provide our clients reimbursement for these visits.

At the client's discretion, EHS will submit all pertinent insurance forms and/or provide receipts of services. We suggest our clients confer with their accountants and HR departments, as monthly fees paid to EHS may be tax deductible, may be covered by corporate medical benefits or may be reimbursable through various pre-tax savings methods (Section 125Plans, Section 223).

Becoming an EHS Client

We all make choices in our lives for our comfort and convenience. We may choose to fly first class, receive more cable channels or drive a certain automobile. With the creation of EHS, you may now choose to receive superior medical care with exceptional access and convenience. If you consider healthcare a top priority, Executive Healthcare Services is your choice.

In other realms of our life, we make choices based on costs, value and comfort; we choose whether quality and longevity of a product or service is worth the value. A growing number of people are deciding these important considerations should be applied to their most important asset - their health. It is up to us to take charge and prioritize our health; we have the most to gain.

We have plans for Individuals, families, or companies.

Please contact us if you have questions or need clarification about any aspect of Executive Healthcare Services."

Request information about EHS

If you have discussed the EHS services with our staff, or have reviewed our program with a current client, you may be ready to join Executive Healthcare Services. Access the necessary forms to begin this process from Here.
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