ARES Patient Friendly
  • Sleep testing done in the home
  • Reliably self-applied by patient
  • Single forehead sensor without wires
  • Lightweight and comfortable
    ARES Cost-Effective
  • Uses a validated questionnaire for screening
  • Treatment outcome monitoring now affordable
  • In lab, higher patient/technician ratio
  • Lower cost means more of affected population treated
  • Significantly lower cost compares to in-laboratory
    testing for OSA
    ARES Accurate
  • One or Two nights of fully viewable recordings
  • Auto-scoring improves reliability
  • Validated in a multi-site clinical study of 280+ patients
  • Actigraphy estimation of sleep time
ARES results have been validated as accurate compared to overnight polysomography (PSG) at multiple clinic sites.

The ARES Home Sleep Test is a wireless physiological recorder worn on the forehead that acquires and stores up to 3 nights of nocturnal data. ARES™ measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (reflectance pulse oximetry), airflow (by nasal cannula connected to a pressure transducer), snoring levels (calibrated acoustic microphone), head movement and head position (accelerometers). When worn in the home, the ARES™ provides a better profile of the patient's breathing during sleep in his/her normal environment. Audio and visual indicators notify the user when the ARES™ requires adjustment, thus increasing reliability of the device in the home. The small size of ARES™ allows it to be comfortably worn in all sleep positions.
ARESTMHome Study
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in obtaining a home sleep study
test, please complete this questionnaire and contact your EHS staff or physician.
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